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Ultimate Guide: Best Ways To Design Custom Packaging Of Your Lip Gloss

5 min Read

First Impression is the Last Impression! That is why makeup is not merely a bulk of products, but a means to flaunt their aura, strength, and confidence for many. How you look determines how much you appeal, influence, and prompt action, the reason why brands have directed much of their efforts and budget towards the packaging of their products.

Recall the last time you went shopping for cosmetics, even before you could feel and experience the Gloss, the powerful features that must have grabbed your eyeballs were that sassy shape, classy packaging, subtle hues, and chic fonts of the product. In fact, according to a 2017 survey by Luminer, 33% of the customers report that they are more likely to reject or buy a brand if they don’t like the look of the label.

Of course, the layout is the first thing your potential “Customer to-be” will interact with. If the packaging fascinates their senses and aligns with their standards, then only it will make it to the cash counters. Otherwise, your Gloss collection will blame you for dumping dollars in the making but not in layering.

But how your packaging will let beauty die-hards scream, “Oh, WOW! I WANT THAT SHADE.” No worries! Beautetrade is here with all Knows & Dos of the smart designing of your layout that shines on the shelves and makes it to the customer’s bag and ultimately to their face. Hurrah! Your Creativity Did It!

Define, Who you are Designing for!

Before you dive deeper into the waves of designers, colors, shapes, and styles, be aware of the depth of the ocean. Define your ideal audience. Determine their age, gender, preference, likings, and disliking. Answer:  Are they professional women, wanted to exude bravery with bold red, or the teens excited to flaunt their natural pink? Are they masculine men who also care for their soft lips or women of colors who yearn for colors that reflect their unique identity?

Once you have the answers to your questions, you’ll better know who you are designing for? What do they want? What persuades them most, and how your design will fit into their makeup kits?      

Keep your Brand Identity at the Heart.

You cannot personally meet, sell, and respond to your customers (soon swallowing to thousands & millions), but a lot will be interpreted about you and your brand through your packaging. The shades you choose, the way you wrap, the style you write, and the customization you do every bit speak volumes about your Brand’s identity and values, so ensure they are wisely chosen. Are you for every shade and tone (Like Rihanna’s Fenty) or for elite (like Dior)? Is it about branding (Like Kylie) or Results (like Bobby Brown)? Who you are as a brand and what you stand for will influence your customers, so make sure you play safe with your creativity and image.