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How to Successfully Pitch Beauty Products to Buyers

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Convincing, Compelling & Calling to Action- these three Cs are the mainstay of your business venture, and if you successfully trod on this tight rope, then the time is yours to slay. Amazed by the fact that the beauty industry rides high on the demands and revenues doesn’t ascertain that sooner you’ll have the lion’s share too. You need to Convince-What you offer is different. Compelled-To knows how you make the difference & then eventually Call to Action- We welcome you on board. Elated! Well, this justifies being. But is it that simple as it sounds? Not really.

Drafting a solid pitch that aligns with your values, reflects your hard work, and attracts your potential Buyers or retailers could be a nightmare; as quoted by many newbies, “We had so much trouble along the way convincing people it would work.” The reason why with the insights of beginners and the experience of established, we have jotted down certain key factors that could help you pitch your beauty products to buyers.

You Are Unique-Tell Them How

Unfortunately, if you are offering what others are already, you are not running a creative idea but a threatening risk of failure and closure. This is not why you have come so far. Today the millennials and Gen-Xers are always in search of the “Next Big Thing,” they are eager to be on trends, flaunt, and buy what makes them stand out. Cash in this opportunity. If you happen to be different, be it in technology, packaging, formula, or sustainability-tell them. In the crowd of ordinaries, endeavor to be extra; this will win your beauty product hype, exposure, and customers- cut short all that you yearn for!

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Not Convention but Innovation Wins

Remember, convention fades, but innovation reinvents. Cast the shadow back to some years when being natural and fancy packaging was the new talk of the town, but could you sell these ideas today? Intriguingly Yes! There is always room for improvement (or you could say innovation), all you need to have a keen eye. Today innovation and sustainability go hand in hand. Are you experimenting with gluten-free products? Do you offer plastic-free packaging? Are the bags that wrap your beauty product eco-friendly? If yes, then you are one step ahead of conventions. Offer your buyers the innovation that others have not to leverage the power that your contemporaries could not.

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Know Better to Persuade Better

Cosmetics and skincare is a massive and deep industry; the more you dive, the more you explore, and the more you are perplexed. Therefore before you persuade, get your perceptions cleared. Who is your targeted demography? Will you be mastering the art of foundations, or would you want to explore different lip shades? Are you going to appeal to Gen Xers or millennials? Do you wish to add value through your brand, or are the trends that matter the most?

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Research, determine, and answer all the potential queries prior to making a strong case over your buyers because, as famously quoted, “Before you try to convince anyone else, be sure you are convinced, and if you cannot convince yourself drop the subject.”

From the Header to Footer- Every Letter Matters

Hold on and ponder. What nudges you to open a particular email from the clutter of emails? Indeed, the Subject Line! But what propels you to skim it till the regards? Certainly the fascinating details and the appealing visuals.

Your Buyer to-be inhabit the same universe as you. Therefore, when you are about to email him your beauty product pitch, ensure everything from your subject line, body to the CTA paragraph speaks volumes about your brand, product, and the value you bring to the industry. Flaunt with stats, attract with visuals or simply impress with testimonials; assume this as your make or break moment and nail it!

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Make It Concise, Convincing, & Compelling

Flaunt stats but do not flash, display attractive but not abhorrent visuals, inform but do not bombard, and to least stay relevant yet not repetitive. Do not forget; you aim to put forward a concise pitch that convinced and compelled action. The retailer you are approaching might have a daily influx of massive emails, but how you will make it among those “Read” is determined halfway when you designed a precise, persuasive, and prompting email.  

Focus On The Looks

Appearance is a power that impacts and influences; do not undermine it. Play with the packaging of your samples; make it fascinating, creative yet simple, and sustainable. In the ocean of renowned and reputable makeup brands, you owe the high risk of succumbing, and undoubtedly this is not your destiny. Invest your thoughts and creativity in the looks of your packaging; make it appealing, safe and personalized. Let it say for itself that somebody has put their efforts, time, and money into creating an experience beyond only products.

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Beyond Sampling; An Experience Worth Cherishing

The sand has shifted from the ingredient/formula focused to the entire experience, beginning from receiving, unboxing, and applying to environmental repercussions. Today the consumer’s appetite doesn’t satiate with the makeup goods. They don’t value brands whose mere focus is on the product rather; they appreciate cosmetic chains that add value to the customer experience, allow them to feel, share and relish every dollar they spend.

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Build Bonds That Goes Beyond

One sided relationships end; make sure you don’t build one. Your task doesn’t end with your buyers falling for you, but this is where it begins. Prove that you are their best decision through routinely follow-ups, active response system, timely show up at meetings, and positive aura that makes you deem a perfect business partner.

It is imperative to put your say, demands, and objectives but with a bond that is built on mutual benefits, strong commitments, and enthusiastic energy, it is easy to maintain your stance while delivering what your buyer wants.

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Get Personal

Personalization works! Through all that composing, writing till finalizing, keep in mind you are writing to your revenue generators, who will be writing your story in the near future, so treat them special. Connect with them through social platforms, promote, congratulate, and endure what they do. By that, I don’t encourage stalking, but put genuine efforts into knowing, and the dynamics will change in your favor. One consequential way could be avoiding generalization, refer them with their good name and they will feel especially addressed, recognized, and respected!

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Do Not Quit

When luck does not persistency does pay off. Throughout your journey from scratch to the scrapper, often, there will be a time when your buyers will turn tone-deaf; even delivering your best will not reciprocate with the best. But this is where the real test of your nerves lies. DO NOT QUIT!

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You have sent the email, dispatched the sample package, and interestingly received the nod but not the purchase order (PO). Do not give up. Follow, inquire and address where and what went wrong? Do not grumble but with dignity and reverence; stay in contact, thoughts, or the least in emails now and then.  

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Your Key Takeaway…

As it is said “Words are powerful. They can create or they can destroy. So choose your words wisely.” Remember your pitch holds the same connotation, it can either create your brand or destroy it, align it wisely. Cutthroat competition, big names dominating or huge investments impediment is all your mind’s fuss. Get it clear before you write your pitch because the sky is the limit for one who believes in himself. Best of Luck!