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Retailer or Wholesaler? Know who is best to be!

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The term “BUSINESS” may sound synonymous to Armani tuxedos, Gucci bags, FENDI glasses, or Dior cosmetics, but actually, it means a complex chain of Manufacturers, Suppliers, Wholesalers, and Retailers working together to build an empire that then pays for Bentley and Royce.

Every aspect of the twisted business chain demands research, tedious labor, and passion for building and conquering what others couldn’t. And as complex, as it may seem, it is impossible, if not sinful, to maintain a stranglehold in all four domains. Therefore, it is crucial to determine what you want to excel in and how you will excel.

Today, with rising obligations and restrictions, the only key area that enjoys trust, profit and growth are Wholesales and that to if pursued in Makeup & Cosmetics. But why always cosmetics? Simple, we all often need hustle free beauty in our lives, and what could be better if beauty comes with $$$.

Nevertheless, if you are yet indecisive, I would encourage you to read more, so you could say in the near future, “I believe we are made for each other. My & Wholesale’s pair is a pair made on Beautetrade.”

Some Core Concepts

Wholesale is basically a discounted purchasing of products by businesses to resell them at higher prices to consumers or other companies.

It is just a part of a huge interwind of a product supply chain that begins with raw material and ends with potential customers.

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Before you make an attempt!

If you are our ardent follower, then you must be knowing, we emphasize on “Homework” a lot-not the one that you forgot to do in your 4th standard and faced no punishments but the ones which if missed could cost you your luxurious future.

So, what are those? We have listed a few of the consequential to-dos that have to be marked DONE before you place your first wholesale order.

·         Go through the wholesale laws of your country 

             Do not compromise on the Quality of product

·         Negotiate your wholesale buying criteria

·         Make sure the person you are trusting is worthy of it

·         Calculate & lock the supplier cost

·         Firmness & Potential of wholesalers


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Wholesales are all about buying products in bulk quantity. When you ordered your most demanded makeup products in volume, you actually made a wise decision; a decision that will save your bucks in the following ways:

Wholesale purchasing lowers your unit costs which eventually brings down the related expenses. You can experience relief in the hefty shipping costs, which is, in fact, a nightmare for many new bees. If you are lucky enough, you may find a company that provides discounts, promotions and even offers free shipping when you cross their fixed dollar amount. Not only on shipping, but you could also save your administrative cost by maintaining a strong tie with a handful of suppliers instead of spending on 20 or 30 or more manufacturers.

Some beauty brands give you an opportunity to make the most of their annual clearance sale- a time when the discounted prices, mixes with wholesale rates. So an order placed at this time of the year could be bust for suppliers while a boom for your business.


An ocean of goods.

The world of cosmetics is as wide as the sky and as deep as the ocean. Eye shadows, lipsticks, nail paints, mascaras, and many more, just to name a few. Wholesales give you a chance to build your own mansion of makeup. You can order and browse through a mesmerizing variety of products and brands at a discounted rate.

Your first pallet or lot could have alike or differing items, but in either case, you are the one on the winning side of the line. Keep it simple, make it similar or target different markets, make it dissimilar.

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Value your time and efforts

Time is money! By venturing into the wholesale’s territory, you actually give value to your time and efforts. How? Beauty products often sold out anytime, but that wouldn’t be a headache for you if you have your stock in stores. You don’t have to go through the time-wasting, tedious task of legalities, processes & procedures again & again, so while many will be troubled by the retailers, you will be the one satisfied, smiling, and selling everywhere.

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Connect with recognized & renowned

It is human nature we are attracted towards the renowned and recognized; wholesale connects you with them. Being in your budding stages, you are already burdened with many responsibilities, so before building your brand recognition, work with those who are already built.

Buy wholesale products from the brands that people have tried, tested, and trusted; this will give your discounted retailer business an edge. In this manner, you could invest enough time and energy in creating the name of your business while selling those who already maintained a significant reputation.

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That one lipstick shade that made one fall for you, that one foundation that made you the other’s first love, and that one eyeliner that didn’t wash away with the tears could also be the reason to take you from sky to ground if it failed to deliver what it used to.

In an attempt to improve, brands often play with the formulation, so there is a high risk that you may not receive the same batch as you did last month, which will eventually not give the same feel and look. But only if you have bought your products in wholesale, you need not to worry as you will have enough stock to supply your retailers even if the manufacturer discontinues to produce. A plus for you!

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It is beyond the Quantity

Now here you’ll be caught red-handed if you haven’t done your homework previously. As I mentioned in to-dos, before you place your first wholesale order, ensure you’ve personally and thoroughly checked the quality of the products. Your customers may willingly pay more only if they find the quality worthy of paying. Identities are built not on amount or scale but on excellence, novelty, and deliverance, so make sure your makeup brand is founded on them.

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Tussle with Bigger names

Competing with the bigger giants may look like a story ahead of 10 to 15 years, but with the wholesale purchasing of cosmetics, you will see yourself among the sharks and whales in just a few years. You might not have enough resources and a budget to support your business. Still, by choosing the right products and brands, setting low, competitive prices, and diversifying niche, a little ant like you could give a tough competition to the companies like an elephant.

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Make your contribution

With the UN issuing code red for humanity because of catastrophic climate change, it is high time you make your contribution. But how your wholesale business could do that? Simple, orders in bulk require less plastic in packaging, and producing one big container uses fewer resources and fossil fuel over time, thus diminishing your carbon footprint and reducing the burden of manufacturing on the environment.

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How is it possible?

If you had asked this question a few years back, I would have written an entirely separate blog highlighting where to go, what to do, how to do, who to approach, etc., but today when you ask me, “How is it possible?” For me, the answer lies in one word BEAUTETRADE.


Beautetrade is a few of the world’s most reputable and reliable niche dedicated platforms. Being one of the global traders of cosmetics and skincare products, here you’ll find every brand-local or international, natural or synthetic, and established or new bees. It is a medium that has a massive directory of verified manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, and buyers, so you don’t need to rush here and there; just a free sign-up with necessary information is enough to connect you with your trader living in any corner of the world. No matter what your bulk amount is, where you want, who you want, and when you want, this medium efficiently handles your wholesale order and delivers what you wished at your doorstep within time.

So to all those wannabe wholesalers who aspire to take their wholesales business to new heights but dreaded the complicated paperwork. I would suggest beginning with Beautetrade. You must have something in your mind that has landed you here, and if you have made it till here, I will encourage you to go ahead, click the link; trust me, this doesn’t require any leg work.



If daydreaming, bragging, and tall orders had any gains, every second person would have become Gates, Bezos, or Jenner. But no, it is the actions that make Kylie Jenner who she is today and you who you are. But it is better late than never! Take the initiative. You have got all the resources and mediums, and if you remain who you are today even after some years from now, then pick yourself up, drag yourself to the mirror, point the finger at the person standing in front of you and say, “Nobody else, but You are responsible for who you are!”