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Terms & Condition shall use reasonable diligence in the management of the B2B Services and endeavor delivery to The Client of all the deliverables and milestones agreed upon in the form of a report. The total tenure agreed upon by both parties, and The Client, is of 12 months. The 12 month period begins from the day an account manager is assigned to The Client. However, The Client acknowledges that the delivery deadline and other payment milestones are estimates, and are not required or fixed dates of delivery.

  • The upgradation of the account will only be done after receiving a confirmation of the full payment made by The Client and once the Terms & Conditions form is signed. The time period assigned for this is generally one full working day.
  • If The Client fails to make payments, may revoke or suspend all services with respect to The Client and shall not provide a refund or compensation to The Client.
  • The Account Manager is then assigned, after the completion of the upgradation process. The time period assigned for this is also generally one full working day.
  • The Client’s profile completion on beautetrade will be done by the Account Manager including the information about The Client’s company and product posting.
  • The following table lists the digital service flow agreed upon by and The Client.

Service Flow Deliverables

  •’s Profile Completion
  • Logo Designing
  • Catalog/Brochure
  • Website Development
  • Stationery
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) Process
  • SEO Setup time
  • Video Making Process


  • SEO, SMM are dependent on the website and will be started after the completion of the website
  • The SEO setup time will range from three to four months
  • Initial concept will be provided for Logo, Stationery, Brochure/catalog, & Website development.
  • 5 revisions on VIP Package, 3 revisions on Gold Advance shall be allowed for Logo Designing, Catalog/brochure, stationery and website development.

Buyer Consultancy Service

  • The one month setup time in the initial stage includes the logo, website, stationery, and beautetrade profile.
  • The Key Account Management (ISM) is liable to fulfill the total count of buyers in the 12 month tenure.
  • 12 Months buyer services tenure will be started immediately after the completion of client’s website.
  • The commitment on the count of the buyers shall be for all of the products listed and on a worldwide basis. The commitment may vary if the product line is changed and if the market is restricted for it.
  • shall provide a International Sales Manager (ISM), who will be connected with Client over Skype,WeChat, Call and/or Email, whatever media is preferred by the Client.
  • Client shall provide any marketing material, such as, product images, catalogue, and brochures if required by or the ISM.
  • shall approach buyers in its existing database as well as other potential prospects available through secondary sources.
  • ISM shall work on offline meeting support if such is required from The Client’s side.
  • The Client shall be responsible to arrange finance for the ISM’s visit to any country. Finance for complete airfare, hotel arrangement and travelling allowance shall be guaranteed by the Client if a visit is facilitated by
  • The ISM shall share and discuss any and all the details via email. Details exchanged via email shall be considered as an official document. Any information exchanged between The Client and “ISM” using any other communication medium shall not be considered official and may not be taken into account.
  • The Client must provide the “ISM” with all the required information of The Client’s company and products to facilitate finding buyers including but not limited to: domain email, certifications, registration documents etc.

Buyer Quality Includes

  • Buyers will be matched with the Product client is selling.
  • Buyers will be responsive.
  • Buyer requirement will meet the industry standard MOQ.
  • Buyer will have current purchasing requirement.
  • ISM will provide you complete contact details of Buyer (Name, Phone, Email, Country, and Skype/WhatsApp).

Reporting Mechanism

  • The ISM shall share a detailed working report with The Client that shall include all of the working performed for The Client’s account.
  • The Report shall be shared on monthly basis depending on the package of The Client.
  • The Client is required to give feedback on the report, each time it is shared.
  • The Feedback shall be used to help evaluate the ISM’s performance. The plan on as to how to proceed with The Client’s account shall be decided accordingly.

Standard Protocols

  • Neither party, nor The Client, shall threaten or abuse any staff involved.
  • The Client shall co-operate with any reasonable instructions or requests from’s staff.
  • The Client is requested to connect with only 1 sales person from the client’s company with the ISM.
  • The Client shall receive prior intimation from if the ISM is unavailable.
  • The Client must take responsibility to provide all the required data within a reasonable time period to ensure the timely services.

Complaint & Resolution Standards

  • Any complaints made in writing (by post, email or on-line) shall be acknowledged in writing within 24 hours and contain the name and contact details of the employee dealing with the complaint. Acknowledgements must be issued by email whenever possible.
  • If a complaint is received in person or by telephone, the complainant’s relevant contact details must be recorded to allow acknowledgements and responses to be issued as appropriate.
  • All complaints shall be responded to within 48 hours. If a complaint cannot be responded to within 48 hours, the concerned will contact the complainant to provide an explanation and a new target response time.
  • The Client is requested to copy the customer care department in the email while sending any complaint to the Key Account Management, in the absence/non availability of the ISM support responsible to acknowledge the email.
  • If the problem persists after the provided action time, the complaint shall automatically be escalated to Senior Authorities and the action time shall be 24 hours.