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IPR (Intellectual property rights)

1. Overview

beautetrade Pvt Ltd ("") regards protected innovation privileges of others and we anticipate that our clients should respect the equivalent. Protected innovation encroachment claims are managed extremely on our sites at (alluded to as "Site").

2.Intellectual Property Right ("IPR") Protection

Postings of fakes, copies, or other unapproved things are denied on the Site entirely.
Postings of offers to sell or buy fakes, copies, or other unapproved things will be liable to expulsion by

Coming up next is a rundown of items/item types that are restricted on beautetrade:

  • Pornographic, Erotic and Adult Content (counting however not restricted to: pictures, recordings, DVDs, magazines, toys, and so forth.)
  • Adult membership benefits or visiting administrations.
  • Firearms, Ammunition, High Capacity Magazines, Tasers, Air Guns, Weapons.
  • Religious things and items (E.g, Religious books, workmanship, creates, models adornments and so on)
  • Products or pictures displaying bareness.
  • Products or pictures containing obscenity.
  • Posts That Promote Hatred, Racism or Religious Persecution
  • Art showing Humans or Animals (counting compositions, pictures, figures, models)
  • Art showing Religious Places or Scenery (for example places of worship, mosques, sanctuaries, and so forth.)
  • Tattoos, tattoo hardware, tattoo apparatus, body workmanship and so forth
  • Musical Instruments and Related Products (E.g Guitars, drums, violin, music books, and so forth.)
  • Alcoholic refreshments and related items.
  • Tobacco Products, Smoking Mixtures or Tobacco Substitutes
  • Human Body Parts, Human Organs, Fluids, and Remains and so forth
  • Animals or Animal parts.
  • Products identified with or containing Pigs or Pig parts (for example Pork meat, Pork ears, Pork feet and other pork related things)
  • IPR Infringing, Replica, Counterfeit and Name Brand "Knock Off" Products.
  • Requests for Donations
  • Prescription Drugs or Devices, Controlled Substances, Unapproved Drugs, Banned Drugs, Branded Pharmaceuticals, Narcotics, Steroids, Unapproved Medical Devices and so forth.
  • Illegal Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia
  • Hazardous Materials, Corrosives, Toxic Chemicals/Materials, Radioactive Materials and so forth
  • Spyware, Spamware, E-Mail Advertising, Opt-In or Any Commercial Messaging Services
  • Gambling and Gambling related items.
  • Lottery, Raffle, Contests related
  • Financial Services or Advice, Securities Trading, Loans, Insurance, Currency Exchange, Trading Signals and Precious Metals.
  • Any Service or Product Requiring a License to Practice, for example Legitimate, Medical or Therapy Services
  • Counterfeit Currency and Stamps
  • Contracts And Tickets
  • Event ticket resale strategy
  • Job Postings, Online Job Opportunities, Work At Home offers and so forth
  • Real Estate and Real Estate Investment
  • Veterinary items and medications for creatures
  • Mailing records and individual data
  • Travel Services, including Hotel, Airfare, Overnight Accommodations, Car Rental
  • Credit Card, Credit Repair Services, Applications for Financial Services or Loans, Collection Services
  • Psychic Readings, Magic Spells, Lucky Charms, Talismans and so forth
  • Degrees or Diplomas
  • Government and Transit Documents
  • Government and Transit Uniforms
  • Government IDs and Licenses

3.Repeat infringement of our IPR strategy may result in a scope of activities, including without confinement to:

  • Removal of postings
  • Posting limitations
  • Account suspension
  • Termination of enrollment administration understanding has the full caution to make any implementation move whenever for certain extraordinary/prominent circumstances, for example, where prosecution has just been started by licensed innovation rights holder.

4.Infringement Claims

All protected innovation encroachment claims will be made under punishment of prevarication. Protected innovation right holders further consents to repay and hold innocuous from all cases, reasons for activity, harms and decisions emerging out of any expulsion of item postings in accordance with licensed innovation encroachment claims.

As an impartial internet business stage does not pronounce clashing licensed innovation encroachment claims. Any move made by will not be understood as any underwriting o of any licensed innovation encroachment guarantee. All clashing protected innovation encroachment claims will be settled by the significant clashing gatherings independently from and the Site.

5.IPP(IP Protection Platform), the online report framework

IPP gives a proficient and straightforward channel for protected innovation right holders to record licensed innovation encroachment claims and demand takedown of supposedly encroaching postings from the Site.

Three kinds of materials must be submitted to IPP to encourage preparing of protected innovation encroachment claims, to be specific:

  • Evidence of character of the whining party and important approval if the griping party isn't the licensed innovation right holder;
  • Evidence of protected innovation proprietorship;
  • Explicit and interactive hyperlinks of the important purportedly encroaching postings on the Site

For inquiries identifying with licensed innovation security measures, if it's not too much trouble contact [email protected] (if you don't mind note that IPP is our powerful and proficient cases taking care of channel and we DO NOT suggest the utilization of this email address for any protected innovation guarantee accommodation). will assess licensed innovation encroachment claims documented by means of IPP instantly. Individuals subject to protected innovation encroachment cases will be told of the cases and the contact data of the licensed innovation right holders will be given to the individuals to encourage direct compromise and guarantee taking care of.

Individuals subject to licensed innovation encroachment cases may submit counter-warnings to debate the comparing claims. Licensed innovation right holders will be told if and when any counter-warnings are recorded and may acknowledge or reject such counter-notices. maintains whatever authority is needed to restore any posting subject to protected innovation encroachment claims at our prudence.