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Be the next Beauty Mogul in just 5 minutes or less

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It takes a lot of courage, dedication, and determination to rebel, quit, and embark on a journey that could either land you in the skyscrapers or the slumps. But giving your luck and yourself a chance could never be a bad option only if you have planned to dip your toes in the glams and glitters.

Today beauty industry, estimated at worth $532 billion, has the most promising future, with the analysts foreseeing it to experience a sharp 5-7% increase in the annual growth rate, exceeding $800 billion by 2025. This shows that while many are struggling to survive the recurrent waves and variants of the pandemic, only cosmetics are ruling the trade and commerce, especially through their strong online presence. So what it takes a small venture beginning with one to transform into a big business with a solid ten out of ten? Well, it will take your blood, sweat, and our tips to be where today Rihanna, Gigi, or Kylie are.

Keep Scrolling because it is easy than you imagine to be a Beauty Tycoon!

Know your ground

The world of beauty is quite saturated. In order to stand alone and pose a tough competition, you need to find your strong footing. Remember, if you try to master every other skill, you'll end up learning nothing. So focus, research, and keep brainstorming. Either you wish to launch skincare products, or want to introduce hair treatment solutions, whether it is about chic lipsticks or glitzy blush on, dig what excites you more, who do you want to impress, and what will earn you bucks. Curate your path and then Ready, On your mark, Get set, GO! 

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Make the difference

Like every other industry, the beauty industry also thrives on Innovation and Incorporation, innovation of new ideas and technologies and incorporation of those in a sustainable environment. Today consumers are supporting Clean Beauty movements, demanding clean, non-toxic ingredients that are cruelty-free and vegan, but very few brands live up to those demands. Make sure You are among those very few who prioritize Value & Customers over profits. Be different by building a makeup empire that is classy, efficient, and yet eco-friendly.

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Align your Resources

It is wise to keep a check on your earnings vs your spending. As your brand grows, so does the revenue and the expenditure, so make sure you've all the numbers on your fingertips because once your brand takes off, then the sky is the only limit. Shatter the ceilings, break the records and let yourself shine in the next Forbes' cover.  

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Who do you aim?

Before you propose, know. Know every aspect, so when you get down on your knees, your heart must say, "Dude, You have done enough research, invested time & money, and nobody else but you know who you are targeting, so it is going to be a happy YES." This principle helps you know your target audience better and thus shapes the strategy of where you'll launch and who you will aim.

How you'll impress?

If you don't believe in love at first sight, then you must not have experienced the power of strong branding. How you market, your product decides how many you'll attract and how much you'll make. Most often, it is a fascinating Logo, appealing website, or custom packaging that prompts sale. Therefore, create an impression that lasts long and excites the "I Have to have it" feeling.

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Be a Contributor

Starting your own beauty business could be your way to contribute in multiple ways. It is your chance to bring a new idea to life, promote a sustainable environment, inspire, elevate, and create a community of followers that share your vision.

Brick & Mortar Or E-commerce?

Nobody would have denied the significance of a successful Brick & Mortar trade until the pandemic jolted the traditional economy. With the rise in importance and revenues of the e-commerce sector, more and more businesses and consumers are taking to digital B2B platforms to expand their reach and magnitude of businesses. This has led many established and new portals to increase the competition, efficiency and services. Through the years, many E-commerce giants have proven their value with their effective strategies and support system, as you can increase your sales while you eat, sleep, or party at any corner of the world. One such game-changer is Beautetrade.

Beautetrade is one of the world's leading, niche dedicated platforms with a stream of verified manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and importers. Renowned for hosting a massive variety of hair treatment, makeup, and skincare products, the platform entertains consumers and traders from across the globe through its 24/7 support system. Working under the parent company, it was expected of this medium to live up to the benchmark set by its founder, and thus it continues to mark its successful year one after the other. But Beautetrade is beyond what is being mentioned, so take the step because you still don't know what your business is missing and how far it can thrive.

Expert's Advice

It is great to get inspiration from the people who once sailed in the same boat, and few words of advice, support, and motivation could do wonders when you need them the most. So below, we have quoted few successful beauty entrepreneurs with the hope that you find a future You in them.

 "The main piece of advice I would share with someone who is to surround yourself with people who are doing what you aspire to do. I joined several entrepreneurship groups and programs to be around other founders I leaned on for inspiration and support. It gave me a space to dive in and learn about what it's like to start a business, share my ideas with other dreamers, and get encouragement to take a leap of faith." --- Alisia Ford, Glory Skincare.

 "Take time to do your market research, be conscious about where you source your ingredients, perfect your formulations, stay true to yourself/your brand, and if you feel very good about it all go for it!" —Malia Dinko, Northshea.

 "Follow your heart, embrace your uniqueness, protect your art and craft. Love what you do and understand there will always be challenges, but you can do it!" —A'oleon Ka'Wazay, Virgin Beauty.

 "First of all, know your business. Do your research. The number of times I've spoken to young individuals who have never worked at a company or understand the process is shocking to me. If you want to be a part of that world, get some experience. Intern or get a low-level job; it will save you money and tears and you will understand how the process works." --- Jenna Lyons, LoveSeen.


Every great building is once a map, but the dedication, devotion, and the desire to excel takes it from ground to grand, and this is what You need today. Don't get scared of blank papers lying around you because you never know today's blank paper could be tomorrow's big contracts. Keep moving; Success is meant to be Yours!