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Best Eco-Friendly Products To Invest & Earn

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With a recent COP26 fallout, we have learned the hard way that our world leaders cannot protect our mama earth from the smarting of our cultivated disasters and catastrophes. The lust for few riches has deprived the majority poor of the means of survival, let alone a healthy life. But beyond survival, this has become a matter of existence as a report by NASA Global Climate Change alarms, “The effects of human-caused global warming are happening now, with irreversible damages, and will worsen in the decades to come, if not sustained now.”

However, as said, “Every cloud has a silver lining.” Even when the grey clouds of failed conferences, leaders, missions, and emissions cast a dark shadow, the silver lining of informed generations, NGOs, activists, and notably eco-friendly corporates & environmentally friendly products are breathing some fresh air to the gasping earth.

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As reflected in a recent survey of Futerra, from over 1000 consumers in USA & UK, 96% of people feel their own actions, such as donating, recycling, or buying ethically, can make a difference. And over half believe that they personally can make a big difference. This has propelled them to make a conscious choice of eco-friendly brands over luxurious ones.

Building on this shifting pattern of behaviors today, giant corporates are moving on board with sustainable, environmentally friendly, and consumer-centric approaches that are safe for the planet and their business. Gone are the days when products and packaging were enough to advocate for themselves. Today, 90% of CEOs perceive sustainability as essential to their survival, and around 88% of business school students deem social and environmental issues crucial for their branding. And credit is due on the active millennials and gen zers who stood to rescue our ailing earth not for themselves but for the generations to come.  

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Moreover, a report by Nielsen Global Sustainability points that 66% of people would happily pay more for products from environmentally friendly businesses complying with another study that found 82% of customers research the track record of sustainability a business has.

This has ascertained, for businesses, that to earn it is now crucial to give back to your environment before exploiting. But going eco-friendly doesn’t mean massive investment in solar systems, carbon capture technology, or wind power. Options are abundant for those who are committed to change. 

For inspiration take a look, how others are contributing and where you can invest for the sake of a Green, Safe & Healthy Planet!


Your clothes make the most of your and the environment’s expense. According to recent data apparel industry accounts for 10% of global carbon emission, generating a lot of greenhouse gasses from production to transportation. But, having said that, not all fingers are equal.

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Coining and continually working for change is Patagonia, a few of the world’s most successful activewear retailers, selling everything for every gender and every season. Treading a path of their corporate philosophy which says “100% for the planet”, the distinguishing feature of the brand is its transparent practices. Apprehending the fact that no corporate could achieve a target of being 100% eco-friendly, Patagonia was quick to address and accept that not everything it does is eco-friendly. Eventually earning respect and recognition from its diverse massive clients.

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However, eco-friendly Clothing doesn’t end with Patagonia, but it is just the tip of the ice-berg. For the firms eager to dip their toes in the sustainable and greener investments, it sets the principle that no matter if you are not 100% recyclable or renewable, yet if you are taking the initiative, experimenting, proposing, and implementing solutions, then there is no area more bountiful then Clothing.


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Do you know when you shop for your groceries, apparel, or other luxuries, you carry not only goods but also the pollution of fossil fuels and non-biodegradable waste? To cut short-Plastic Bags. A plastic bag takes up to 1000 years to degrade and is ironically used for only about 12 minutes before being discarded, causing irreversible damage to our motherland for decades.

Thus opportunities are ample for the new bees to put their money into eco-friendly shopping bags. It is an acknowledged fact through various studies and researches that no other luxury or commodity inflicts more harm than plastics. It takes around $4,000USD to recycle one ton of plastic bags and approximately 12 million barrels of oil to produce it. Contrary to the quarter of resource and half of savings spent to produce a massive number and range of eco bags.

Today, consumers cherish and adhere to the brand that values experience over mere products, prompting industry moguls like Channel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc., to launch their own sustainable tote bags—ascertaining that eco friendly reusable bags could be a plus for any brand willing to tap the needs of the eco-conscious audience.

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So, investing your valuables in eco-friendly bags could prove to be a bigger bonus for you. When I say a bonus, it is because due to the increase in demand and platforms it is easy to expand your exposure and reach globally more than ever. One such channel is Tradewheel.


It is good, to begin with, the name of “Sustainability and Eco-friendly,” but who will deny the essence of profit that is at the core of every business venture. Because sarcastically, when you earn better, then only you give better. Therefore, if you are planning to dump your investments into an industry that is flourishing, could contribute to change, and be the reason for a smile across million faces, there is none but-Sustainable Shoes.

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In the marathon of eco bags, sustainable makeup, and vegan food firms, you will rarely find few if any ethical shoe brands working for eco friendly shoes. Like its sister clothing, shoes, is the need and demand of every other individual. Every year almost 20 billion shoes are manufactured, and surprisingly while many believe the environmental impact of them begins once they are discarded, a study reveals shoes begin to harm our earth right from their manufacturing. Highlighting the importance of sustainable shoe brands.

Hence, laying the foundation of your own eco friendly shoe company could be a big win. Yet, in the midst of fortune, don’t forget that you aim to give back to your community and do well for your planet. Work for it & you’ll attract the consumers to your-soon to be-, not one but many eco friendly shoe companies.


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Makeup industry makes the biggest chunk of the revenues of a country. Most hyped, discussed, and sorted after essentials with a larger-than-like influence on our appearance, experience, and mood. The reason why every year, a considerable influx of entrepreneurs, celebrities, and models pitch their own collection of skincare and cosmetics.

Nevertheless, at a time when every sector is confronted with the increased pressure of sustainable products or earth friendly products, the makeup section is also struggling, or it would not be wrong to say flourishing with its own behemoth industry of eco friendly makeup.

Natural makeup, or accurately put, sustainable makeup, has become the identity and requirement of an environmentally conscious and concerned population. Today, consumers think beyond the product's resources, ingredients, and packaging. Satiating their needs could satiate your bank accounts. With an abundance of choices available -cruelty-free makeup, vegan makeup, zero waste makeup, all-natural and evil-free makeup- opt which one you want to master and dive in.

Sustainable makeup brands are the new trend of society, and despite the status and scale of their investment, many retailers, wholesalers, suppliers, and manufacturers are earning a hefty amount each year. Part of it is attributed to the rise in B2B marketplaces which has revolutionized the businesses; one such renowned platform is Beautetrade.

How You Can Build Your Own Beauty Brand Through Beautetrade?

Beautetrade is the leading B2B platform recognized for building many new bees and moguls. Having an extensive range of gluten-free, zero waste, all-natural, and cruelty-free makeup manufacturers and suppliers contributes to a healthier planet in every way possible. 

Beautetrade believes measures should be taken and change should be initiated no matter how big or small. Therefore, it gives a huge platform to global suppliers and buyers to trade with small or big budgets anywhere and anytime they wish. The platform has a zero-tolerance policy for scams and frauds, gaining additional respect and praise from the consumers. During their trade for sustainable makeup, suppliers and buyers are assured of transparency, active response, and certified dealings, which, according to 90% of the traders, is at the essence of their business.

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Over the years, since the world is rapidly transitioning from fossil fuel to greener energy, consumers want to be in the loop with the brands, industries, and businesses that prioritize a safe future over starting a fortune. In that case, Beautetrade has led the process by allowing businesses to trade sustainable and eco-friendly makeup products through environmentally transparent and proven processes. So if you plan to dip your toes in the cosmetics and skincare business, exploring Beautetrade is a must!

Vegan Meat

This may sound an odd combination of Meat & Vegan, but everything is possible only if you dare to change. Vegan Meats are the new norm but swiftly adopted, appreciated, and recommended by many activists, environmentalists, and laypeople who deem the meat industry a potential threat to bestie earth.

It doesn't mean ditching meat for plant-based vegan food in letter and spirit but opening many doors for the investors looking for creative yet sustainable ways of giving back to the planet they inhabit.

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Vegan meat is relatively a new phenomenon but equally delicious and healthy for a bigger and growing proportion of the vegetarian population and the time is ripe when we will see more vegan meat products than ever.

Thus spending on vegan meat is a win-win not for a year or two but in the decades to come. You always have the option of bringing your own twist to the idea, and vegan meat is just a drop in the ocean. Earn with an investment that is out of the box still safe for the earth.


While still budding, biodegradable straws have taken the recycling, renewable and reusable sector by storm. Straws are at the heart of cafes, coffees, and shakes shops, and so the core ingredient that goes in its making-plastic is at the base of almost 40% of sea and land pollution. Being frequently found on the beaches, they are rendered the cause of death of thousands of sea animals and fish. Prompting a ban in major cities like Portland, Milwaukee, Seattle, and Washington D.C.

Therefore, brands are shifting to sustainable straws to save the wildlife and reverse some damage being done for the years to our planet. These eco straws present a new arena of spending and engagement, which brands find undeniable interesting, to initiate a change and influence sustainability mongers. One such example is Yes Straws.

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Yes straws are renowned for being 100% biodegradable straws made from the raw materials of renewable sources like bamboo, wheat, and cane stems. Creating awareness among the masses about an ecologically sustainable lifestyle, Yes Straws imbues the change with the tiniest possible that often goes neglected. Hence sending the message that all it takes is a determination for change.

This could be your silver line too. As stated earlier, the idea of biodegradable straws is relatively new and holds immense future and fortune. Still, it is not a compulsion to copy-paste any creative concept for the sake of environmental protection. As is the investment, so does the idea needs to be solely yours. So imagine, create and invest this season in something unusual yet safe and usable like Yes Straws endeavored to.  

Why Sustainable Investment?

“An investment is not an investment if it destroys our planet.”

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The desire to invest and earn is in the DNA of human beings, but merely earning without evaluating is a short time investment that will bear no result in the long run. With abundant options discussed above and the required dollars at hand, all one needs is a creative idea and thirst for change, which drives customers and profits.

Whether you have a full-fledge strategy or designing anew, prioritize investing in eco-friendly products, and you will experience success. Our planet is in dire circumstances and needs our help more than ever; therefore, we ought to take every tiny and huge step that makes our world a better place, just as Late Michael Jackson wrote, “Heal the world, Make it a better place, For you and for me and the entire human race…”