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Beauty equipment is full of surprises. At one shop you’ll see a simple version of a machine and the right next to it would be the heavier, luxurious version of the same equipment. Either way, the function is the same but the place of use for each machine varies. This is what business trading looks like. 

As your desired product being wax heaters, at tradewheel, we are honored to have a full-fledged variety of this equipment. Our shelves are locked with machines from all over the world. From China’s simpler and cheaper products to original machines from Germany, Japan, America, and other regions of the world; you can easily get what you want!

Wax Heater Manufacturers And Suppliers

A Wax Heater is an electric warmer that melts a candle or scented wax to release its scent. The Wax Heater is intended to be used with jar or cups, not with taper wax or without containers large enough to accommodate all the melted wax. Some Wax Heaters have a built-in bowl in which the wax or candle is placed. These products are a perfect fit for use at home or at a small or large beauty salon. The basic function of these warmers is to melt the wax (each wax is of different quality and requires different efforts by the machine). Once the wax is melted, the wax heater acts as a container to maintain the liquid state of the wax by maintaining optimum temperature. At tradewheel, we cater to a huge assortment of wax heaters that come in different shapes, sizes, and with different temperature settings. Each one of them belongs to a reputable company, whether a startup or an established industry. 

Discover our collection of wax heaters for a professional addition to your salon. Whether you're looking for single or dual wax heaters, waxing starter kits, heater cleaning supplies, or replacement pots, get selected from us. Our business platform is easy to use with an aim to enable retailers and importers to access the most demanding and trending Wax Heater from around the world under one roof of BeauteTrade.

Types of wax heaters that we have:

From wax heating kits to wax heater roll-ons, this machine comes in different forms. You can search and avail any offer that you want from our store. The quality of the product is always spot on according to the price. From low-priced machines to luxurious wax heaters; all kinds are accessible to traders.

Also, in this digital age, we have showcased wax heaters with digital displays and smart technology as well. Large-scale beauty industries and fancy spas prefer investing in high-quality wax heaters. On the other hand, for budget-friendly use, we have simple knob function wax melting machines as well. 

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BeauteTrade, a leading vertical B2B Portal which gives you a vast variety in the cosmetics category from the world’s best manufacturers and suppliers. Assistance always required for a salesperson when it comes to selling a product which itself is not a final product but a tiny part of a larger system. It is recommended for exporters to use BeauteTrade.

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