Heilbronner Herbstmesse Heilbronn

Heilbronner Herbstmesse Heilbronn

29 - 3, Sep Oct 2023

Baden-Württemberg , Germany

The Heilbronn Autumn Fair, often referred to as the HNH Fair, is a celebrated event set in the scenic city of Heilbronn, hosted on the Theresienwiese grounds. The acronym 'HNH' denotes "Heilbronner Herbstmesse". This event unfolds annually during the autumn, typically in October.

The inception of the HNH Fair was by RW Fairs & Events GmbH, an esteemed organizer renowned for its dedication and professionalism in curating high-caliber events. Their blend of industry knowledge with a fervor for event management guarantees memorable occasions.

The Heilbronn Autumn Fair is a multifaceted event tailored for all family members.

Established in 2020, it's deeply anchored in the rich tradition and history of consumer fairs in Heilbronn. Exhibitors present a vast array of products and services spanning sectors such as construction & renovation, environmental technology & energy saving, gardening, terracing & balconies, kitchen & household goods, and beyond. The fair seamlessly integrates both local and global elements, highlighting Heilbronn's twin cities.

There's a keen focus on pivotal themes, including construction, environmental innovations, gastronomy, and transportation. With exhibitors hailing from diverse industries, the fair emerges as a magnet for attendees from a spectrum of business realms. An undoubted highlight remains the interactive showcases and competitions gracing the main stages.

The intrinsic bond between the Heilbronn Autumn Fair and the city itself is palpable, not merely in its moniker but in the weaving of local nuances and the enduring narrative of the consumer event.

To encapsulate, the Theresienwiese, the venue for the fair, nestles in the captivating surroundings of Heilbronn, offering visitors a spellbinding journey. It's an event that melds experience, sentiment, and retail delight.

The third edition of the Heilbronner Herbstmesse takes place on 5 days from Fri., 29.09.2023 to Tue., 03.10.2023 in Heilbronn.

29 - 3, Sep Oct 2023
Cosmetic and Beauty Products
Professional Visitors and General Public
Fair Organizer
RW Messen & Events

RW Messen & Events

RW Messen & Events GmbH Ringstr. 1 74912 Kirchardt, Germany,Germany

Tel: +49 (0) 7266-4540421

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Theresienwiese grounds

Theresienwiese grounds
, Baden-Württemberg , Germany
+49 (0) 7266-4540421
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