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Our platform is becoming a global phenomenon in the B2B world, thanks to our team which is always vigilant and adamant in providing only the best quality products and efficient customer service. We have the biggest makeup products and makeup tools catalog on our website which is famous among many international markets in US, Europe, and France. We are proudest to state that the eyelash glue manufacturers on our platform are the most reputable names in the industry. Our quality of eyelash glue is unmatched and this is what makes us prominent among the buyers of the beauty and cosmetics, as well as the fashion industry. From large-scale salons to small-scale beauty parlors and projects; eyelash glue is used widely on clients. This is why buyers from every nation seek the finest quality eyelash adhesives at low prices for further distribution to their clients.

At Beautetrade, you’ll be delighted to find your desired quality and quantity of eyelash adhesives in different forms. All of the adhesives are made using high-quality ingredients that are safe for use on the eyes. This along with proper hygiene and care is taken to pack the eyelash adhesives in safe tubes, bottles, and boxes to avoid any kind of leak and damage of the glue. Applying eyelashes is a sensitive task and so is getting the right adhesive for the fake eyelashes. As a buyer of the cosmetics industry, you can get your hands on the finest quality adhesive products available at Beautetrade at economical rates. We have the OEM glitter liquid glues, eyelash strip adhesives, waterproof glues, mink 25mm latex-free eyelash glues, waterproof lash glue pens, and other adhesive items which come packed in small bottles, tubes, and jars. The eyelash glues are latex-free and alcohol-free, perfect for their use on the eyelids.

With our wide range of products, including wholesale eyelash glue, Beautetrade offers a comprehensive solution for buyers in the beauty and cosmetics industry. Whether you run a large-scale salon or a small-scale beauty parlor, our platform caters to your needs with unmatched quality and competitive prices. Our reputable eyelash glue manufacturers ensure that you receive the finest adhesive products for your clients.



The adhesives of our platform are manufactured by the most trusted traders. Their eyelash glue is long lasting for the application of falsies. Independent salons and businesses use the adhesives derived from our display and get customer satisfaction. Our manufacturers ensure the quality of the eyelash glue by conforming to the set standards and guidelines. Hurry up and grab the best quality glue from our dedicated category and receive praise from your clients. All the major buyers have given positive reviews regarding our supplier’s service. Wouldn’t you want to experience a good quality makeup tool delivery system? The top features that you can enjoy include good and safe packing of the product, low prices for high-quality eyelash glues, quality products for customer satisfaction, and seamless delivery to your doorstep. Also, don’t forget to avail the amazing promotional and discount offers on the eyelash glues available around the season. These offers ensure exquisite quality products at economical prices for the buyers. Purchase your products through us and establish long-term business ties with renowned suppliers and retailers around the world.

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