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Galvanized Steel Wire
  • Galvanized Steel Wire

Galvanized Steel Wire

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Product Details


Cold drawn wire;Redrawing wire;Black iron wire;High carbon steel wire;Low carbon steel wire;Galfan wire.

Product Variety

Electro galvanized wire 0.8mm, Morocco export qualityElectro Galvanized Iron wire, 1.9mm, 100kg/coil, Iraq export qualityGreen PVC coated Galvanized core wire, outside diameter 3.5mm, Core wire dia. 2.2mm, in 100kg coilHot dipped galvanised wire, size: 2.79 mmHot dipped galvanaised wire, size: 3.66 mmGalvanized Wire Gauge 16 of 1.6mm and 1.8mm Kenya export qualityGal wire 28.5gz and 30.5gz3.5mm and 4 mm diameter galvanized wire, Egypt export quality0.9mm Electro gi wire, India export quality


BWG Galvanized Wire

GI Wire - 12 BWG - Export to Dubai

Gauges:GI Galvanized Wire: 12 BWGGI Galvanized Wire: 14 BWGGI Galvanized Wire: 16 BWGGI Galvanized Wire: 18 BWGGI Galvanized Wire: 20 BWGQuality: Dubai, UAE export quality.Galvanized wire used in contructions & other bindingworks.


Hard Drawn Galvanized Mild Steel Wire

Hard Drawn 7SWG (Size 0.176” Dia)Galvanizing Process According to BSS-443


Bright & Soft Electro Galvanized Iron wire

0.50 mm Bright Steel Spool Wire

Wire Diameter: 0.30 mm, 0.50 mm and 0.80 mm.0.30 mm wire on plastic spool of min 25 kgs,

0.50 mm wire on plastic spool of min 50 kgs,

0.80 mm wire on plastic spool of min 50 kgs.

Physical characteristics:

Surface: Clean for enamelling, no oil.

Zinc Plating: Uniform zinc plating.

Color: Bright galvanized.

Tensile strength (T/S): 250-300 N/mm2

Elongation : min 25%

Packing: on solid plastic spools.

Quality: France export quality.


Galvanized Zinc Coated Hard Drawn Spring Wire

0.9 mm to 1.3 mm Hard drawn gal wire

Minimum coating of 0.3 ounces per square ft (1g/mm2) of surface area.Wire diameter ranges 0.9mm to 1.3mmQuality: Israel export quality.


Steel Wire Galvanized for Welded Mesh Welding

1.43mm Steel Wire Galv., Mesh Wire

Galvanized wire, 1.43mm or 1.33mm wire diameter, in rolls of 100kg.Quality: Brazil export quality.


Mild Drawn Galvanized Wire with Pvc

3mm inside diameter, 4mm outside diameter pvc wireElectro gal. wire, then pvc coating.For binding, chain link fence, pvc mesh.Diameter Size: 3mm, in 600kg big coils.Quality: Italy export quality.


Wire, Hot Dip Galvanized ( 100% Zinc Coating)

Carbon steel wire, hot dipped zinc coat, 2.6 mm diameterTwo zinc coat quality: 114 gr/m2 min. and 255 gr/m2 min.For welding into mesh.Quality: Europe export quality


Galfan Wire

Galfan galvanized steel wire

Wire diameter: 1.24-5.5mmHot Dip Galvanized, galfan (5% Aluminuim, 95% Zinc coating) wire.From Q195 Q235 45# 60# 65# 70# 80# 82B carbon steelTensile strength: low/mild/high,1290~1340MpaQuality: listed below.

Technical Parameters of Galvanized Galfan Coated Wire

Nominal Diameter Tensile Strength Stress at 1% Elongation Twist Elongation Standard
mm Mpa Mpa Times/360°C Lo=250mm As per GB,EN,IEC,JIS,ASTM standardOr, custom standard.
1.24-2.25 ≥1340 ≥1170 ≥18 ≥3%
2.25-2.75 ≥1310 ≥1140 ≥16 ≥3%
2.75-3.00 ≥1310 ≥1140 ≥16 ≥3.5%
3.00-3.50 ≥1290 ≥1100 ≥14 ≥3.5%
3.50-4.25 ≥1290 ≥1100 ≥12 ≥4%
4.25-4.75 ≥1290 ≥1100 ≥12 ≥4%
4.75-5.50 ≥1290 ≥1100 ≥12 ≥4%